Kasim Reed Announces Proposed Solution for Peoplestown Families with Council members Michael Julian Bond and Carla Smith

Atlanta, GA – Kasim Reed today stood with Council members Michael Julian Bond, Post 1 At-Large and Carla Smith, District 1, as they announced a resolution for the settlement of litigation with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Darden, the heirs of Ms. Mattie Jackson, and Mr. Dwayne Adgar. The resolution authorizes the transfer of $1.75 million to settle with the Peoplestown property owners and work towards a good faith agreement.

“Today’s resolution introduced by Council members Carla Smith and Michael Julian Bond came after a collaborative process. Anyone could have done it, but we got it done,” said Reed. “This proposed settlement fund of $1.75 million is an effort to show our hearts and the will of the Atlanta City Council to resolve this ongoing issue. I remain hopeful that Mr. and Mrs. Darden and the two other remaining families will work with the city in good faith to come to an agreement. They deserve it and so does the future of the Peoplestown community.”

For decades, residents in the Peoplestown community have endured severe flooding. In July 2012, residents experienced several days of rainfall which flooded several homes along Atlanta, Connally and Ormond Avenues. After significant research and modeling possible solutions, the City – under Mayor Reed’s leadership – developed the Southeast Atlanta Green Infrastructure Initiative, a $66 million holistic approach for sewer capacity relief in the Peoplestown area. Improvements under the plan include a sustainable garden, gazebos for community gatherings, several detention ponds, and bio retention areas to treat stormwater.

If passed, the resolution could help to bring years of ongoing litigation to a close.

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