Kasim Reed Recruits Top Pollster for Campaign

John Anzalone one of nations’s Best Pollster and Strategist

Atlanta, GA - Former Mayor Kasim Reed announced today that ALG Research will be his campaign’s pollster and messaging strategist. ALG Research’s partner, John Anzalone, was most recently the chief pollster for President Joe Biden’s campaign. Anzalone also served as Reed’s pollster in his first two successful campaigns for mayor.

“I’m excited that ALG, with John Anzalone and Zach McCrary, will be leading the research for my campaign. They are the best in the business in both quantitative and qualitative research skills that are essential to polling. John and Zach know Atlanta and have a deep understanding of winning strategies,” said Reed.

ALG Research is a nationally recognized Democratic polling firm that specializes in message development and strategic consulting.

“My firm and I are very excited to work with Mayor Kasim Reed once again. He was one of the most successful mayors in America, who oversaw an economic rebirth of Atlanta during his two terms. He uniquely combines executive and political skills with leadership and vision. I look forward to a successful, unifying campaign,” said Anzalone.

As one of the nation’s top pollsters, Anzalone polled for President Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, as well as Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2016. He recently helped Governors win in North Carolina, Michigan, Nevada, and Louisiana.

In addition to strong economic growth during his two terms as mayor, Reed also can point to achieving the highest cash reserves in history for Atlanta, reforming the pension system, an effective partnership with Governor Deal and state legislative leaders, and leaving office with the lowest crime rate in more than 40 years.

Reed noted that violent crime is the dominant issue in the campaign. “The current violent crime wave is unacceptable. It is a crisis. When I am mayor again I will focus like a laser-beam on crime. We will implement a plan on day one that will get crime under control. During that process I will work with neighborhood leaders across the city to make Atlanta safe once again.”

Kasim Reed officially announced his campaign last week at his birthday party that raised $550,000.

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