Equality, Equity, and Inclusion

Recognizing the economic power and diversity in Atlanta, Mayor Maynard Jackson made shared prosperity a foundation of city contracting. We can learn from that approach and lean into local workforce development to reach at-risk high school students and help them see a future where they are working and thriving.

  • Ensure hate crimes are properly investigated and prosecuted as such.
  • Work with local businesses on mentorship programs for at-risk youth.
  • Increase funding for the highly successful Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI).
  • Make Atlanta an attractive city for all cultures to work, worship, study and raise a family.
  • Increased support for LGBTQ+ small and micro businesses.
  • Properly manage federal HOPWA funds and provider disbursements.
  • Equal pay and equal opportunity for LGBTQ+ employees at all levels and areas of city government.
  • Establish LGBTQ+ hate crime protections in APD's Special Victims Unit.

To ensure equitable growth, the city must invest in parts of the city and people that have historically been left out of the discussion. Our investments in Peoplestown, Proctor Creek, and large swaths of northwest Atlanta are a prime example of this philosophy, which we will continue in other underserved areas.

Another major investment Kasim spearheaded was Welcoming Atlanta, to ensure that our immigrant and refugee neighbors are seamlessly integrated into the fabric of our communities to build a multicultural city that attracts families and businesses from around the world. Today, metropolitan Atlanta boasts the second-fastest growing foreign-born population in the United States. The issues around income inequality are no longer Black and White.

We will work to revitalize the NPU structures created by Mayor Maynard Jackson, so that all of our neighborhoods feel like they have a voice in how our City is being run. We will also build on the City’s recent experiment of participatory budgeting so that we devote meaningful resources to community initiatives and democratically empower our communities to decide for themselves what their priorities are.

Finally, Kasim will build on the tremendous success of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI), the only city-funded initiative of its kind in the nation. The initiative empowers emerging women entrepreneurs with access to the critical assets, capital, and resources necessary to launch, grow and sustain their businesses.

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