Kasim Reed For Mayor Releases Third TV Ad, “Put Atlanta Back on Track”

Kasim Reed For Mayor Releases Third TV Ad, “Put Atlanta Back on Track”

Atlanta, GA – Today, the Kasim Reed for Mayor campaign released its third television ad, “Put Atlanta Back on Track”. The ad highlights Reed’s accomplishments during his tenure as Mayor including lowering crime to 40-year lows, creating and retaining 40,000 jobs, erasing a $52 million deficit and creating a budget surplus of more than $200 million.

As the only candidate to have previously served as Mayor, Reed has distinguished himself as the only candidate with the leadership and experience to put Atlanta back on track. As Mayor, he increased core city services while reducing the city’s spending during the worst recession in 80 years. He began his term facing a $52 million budget shortfall, yet, under his leadership, the city produced eight years of balanced budgets with no property tax increases, re-opened all the city’s recreation centers as safe havens for young people and hired more than 900 officers to keep Atlanta safe.

“Crime is the number one crisis facing our city. Right now, in every neighborhood across our city, Atlantans feel less safe,” said Reed. “Crime impacts our personal and collective quality of life and the city’s reputation, creating a vicious cycle that undermines everything that makes our city vibrant. The fundamental truth is that until Atlanta feels safe again, nothing else will feel right.”

Reed currently leads in the only two public non-campaign affiliated polls conducted by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and WXIA-TV.

The full text of the ad is below:

VO: When Kasim Reed was first elected Mayor, the city was in crisis. A recession. Crime. Lost hope. Under his leadership, he cut crime to the lowest in 40 years, brought in new businesses and jobs, erased the deficit, and created a budget surplus.

Kasim Reed: When I was fortunate to lead this city, I believed in competing for the very best.

VO: Atlanta grew and prospered.

Kasim Reed: That’s the city that we’ve got to get back to being again.

VO: Now, 12 years later, the crisis is on again.

Kasim Reed: The fact of the matter is we’ve been here before.

VO: Only Kasim Reed has the experience and plan to reduce crime.

Kasim Reed: Every teen in the City of Atlanta needs more opportunity.

Resident 1: I want him back as a leader because it will make me feel safe.

Ambassador Andrew Young: Kasim Reed did it before and he can do it again.

VO: That’s why he’s running for Mayor. His vision and his experience is needed now.

Kasim Reed: We will be a city on a hill again.

VO: Put Atlanta back on track and back on top.

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