Kasim Reed For Mayor Releases Second TV Ad, “A Mayor’s Responsibility”

Kasim Reed For Mayor Releases Second TV Ad, “A Mayor’s Responsibility”

Atlanta, GA – Today, the Kasim Reed for Mayor campaign released its second television ad, “A Mayor’s Responsibility”. The ad features Reed’s seven year-old daughter, Maria Kristan and focuses on a Mayor’s first responsibility: to keep people safe. As a father, Reed understands the concerns of families across the City of Atlanta. After hearing the stories of countless residents who have been victims of violent crime, Reed has made restoring public safety a priority.

If elected, Reed has committed to:

  • Hiring 750 police officers;
  • Implementing training centered on non-violent, community-based policing;
  • Keeping the Atlanta City Jail open so that violent offenders remain off the streets;
  • And opening all 33 of the city’s Centers of Hope recreation centers to keep children safe.

As the only candidate to have previously served as Mayor, Reed has distinguished himself as the only candidate with the experience and track record to address the city’s surge in violent crime. Under his Administration, crime was at a 40-year low and the Atlanta Police Department was fully staffed with a force of 2,000 officers. The increase provided coverage of 15 officers per square mile.

The full text of the ad is below:

Kasim Reed: I love you so much Maria.

VO: As a father, Kasim Reed knows what families face.

Kasim Reed: When I was fortunate to lead this city, we went after things. That’s the city that we’ve got to get back to being again.

VO: A Mayor’s first job is to keep people safe.

Kasim Reed: Job number one.

VO: Kasim’s plan reopens 33 Centers of Hope so teens have a place to go after school.

Kasim Reed: We’re going to have to restore our sense of community.

VO: Kasim Reed. He’s done it before.

Kasim Reed: Can I do it again?

Maria Kristan Reed: Yes!

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