Kasim Reed For Mayor Releases First TV Ad, “Atlanta Can’t Wait”

Atlanta, GA – Today, the Kasim Reed for Mayor campaign released its first television ad, “Atlanta Can’t Wait”. The ad highlights the central theme of Reed’s campaign – making every neighborhood in Atlanta safe again. The ad also supports Reed’s core priorities in restoring public safety including:

  • Hiring 750 police officers;
  • Implementing training centered on non-violent, community-based policing;
  • Keeping the Atlanta City Jail open so that violent offenders remain off the streets;
  • And opening all 33 of the city’s Centers of Hope recreation centers to keep children safe.

The ad reiterates Reed’s successful track record on reducing violent crime while serving as Mayor. Under his Administration, crime was at 40-year lows. Reed’s tough but smart on crime approach demonstrates to voters that his hands-on leadership is needed as violent crime continues to surge. Simply put, Atlanta can’t wait.

“The current violent crime wave in Atlanta is unacceptable. It is a crisis. When I am mayor again I will bring every resource available to turn the tide of crime and violence in our city,” said Kasim Reed. “We will implement a plan on day one that will get crime under control within 18 months. During that process I will work with neighborhood leaders across the city to make Atlanta safe.”

  • The initial buy is worth $589,832.02.
  • The full text of the ad is below:
  • Resident: Being Mayor in Atlanta is no easy job.
  • 2nd Resident: None of the others know how to run a city like Atlanta.
  • 3rd Resident: That’s why we need Kasim Reed.
VO: Safety is job #1.
  • 4th Resident: I trust Kasim Reed.
  • 5th Resident: Excited that he’s running again.
VO: 750 more police officers.
  • Kasim Reed: We’re going to train them in a post George-Floyd way.
  • 6th Resident: If we’re going to reduce violent crime, we need Kasim Reed.
  • 7th Resident: He’s done it before, and he can definitely do it again.
  • 6th Resident: I want him back as a leader because it will make me feel safe.

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