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My dream job

August 27, 2013

Yesterday morning I renewed my commitment to Atlanta, and launched my campaign for re-election as Mayor.

Over the past four years, we successfully addressed the $1.5 billion unfunded pension liability, increased the city’s reserves from $7.6 million to more than $126 million, and improved the city’s bond rating. We have attracted new businesses while cultivating growth in existing ones. Today, Atlanta ranks number 2 in the nation for job growth among major metropolitan areas.

And we have improved the city’s economic position without sacrificing services. We have sworn in over 1,900 new police officers and reduced major crimes. Fire-related deaths and property loss are at a historical low in the City of Atlanta, thanks in part to the addition of more firefighters and improved response times.

I love this city. Being Mayor of Atlanta is my dream job. I look forward to the next four years as we continue to work together to show the rest of the nation just how great Atlanta is.

Thank you for your continued support.